I wake to the song of a sunrise
filling the room with a fair light
the sound of the shore rushing in
carried away with the wind

I see a storm in the distance
over the ocean so brilliant
watch as the colors appear
after the canopy clears

flocks of birds twist and turn up above me
making shapes like kites sweeping so slowly 

yeah somewhere across the map
yeah I know you're looking back
do you see the silver lining
between the skies dividing
yeah somewhere across the map
you're looking back

people pass by in the midnight
city aglow with the street lights
shadows like giants on walls
a view from a window so small

thoughts of you twist and turn up above me
making shapes like kites sweeping so slowly



there was time I fell into 
a faded portrait of my father in his youth
both arms were locked down by his side
standing tall dressed for the fight

a wandering wolf in the winter
his fortune the son of a soldier
a shot through the sky like a whisper
a life here and gone like a vapor
it was hard to watch you 
it was hard to watch you go

in my reflection I see a face
familiar features of a soul I can't erase
deep in the hollow I hold his name 
standing tall one and the same

washed away with the wind
you were lifted above us
over us

ushered up with the tears
clouds were parted above us
over us



just up the stairs in your closet lies a
skeleton, nobody knows
it's buried under the old oak floor
it shadows you just like a ghost
you hear it calling, don't you
feel it haunting

your skin shivers
your lips quiver
under pressure
your sorrow's in the fold
so you don't have to hide
hands over eyes
hands over eyes

shut all the windows and lock the doors
but that won't keep the fire out
you built a castle with paper walls
and now it's burning to the ground
the smoke is rising 
don't you see it coming in

with your lantern in the dark 
face the trembling in your heart



I saw her standing in a meadow
our paths had crossed she had me lost inside a dream
her hair was glowing casting shadows
I fell under a spell as she was whispering
we took flight 
under moonlight 

she drifted off under the blue tide
a violent storm without a warning left a space
I tried retracing over past time 
no matter what I do I can't get back the days  

she took flight 
under moonlight
where did she go does anyone know
 the ghost in the fire  
where did she go does anyone know 
I'm trying to find her



Threw you the keys and let you drive
down every vacant road
Before I could see it you were blind
spinning us out of control

we were just strangers left undone
a couple of prisoners on the run
with our faces towards the sun
we said our goodbyes

It's hard to forget when you won't stop
opening the mended wounds
you tear out the pages and hold them up
but I don't need a mirror

carrying treason on our backs
a tower of ruins from the past
as the canvas turned to black 
we said our goodbyes 


All lyrics are property and copyright of Sam Tinnesz and Josh Farro © 2015 // Savage Youth Music Publishing (SESAC) / Josh Neil Songs (ASCAP)